Celebrity tips: Look like a star!

For your big night out on the red carpet, come dressed as your favourite movie character, cartoon character or celebrity!

Think simple but iconic things that would identify you with your favourite character or celebrity – a bow-tie and brown bear for Mr Brown, a mole and flared skirt for Marilyn Monroe…

Or you can go all the way and come dressed in a movie character costume! (Think X-Men, Woody from Toy Story, or any movie icon!)

Here is a website you can check out for ideas on how to dress up as a movie character: http://www.costumecraze.com/Movie-Costumes.html

And if you are keen, check out these stores for some last-minute shopping:

1. No. 1 Costume Pte Ltd  – they are the largest and possibly the best!
32 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199922
Tel: 63339440

2. House Of Costumez
1 Sophia Rd, Peace Centre #02-03
Tel: 6334 3359 (good to call before going down as shop is sometimes closed)

3. Masquerade – this place is the cheapest!
26A Bali Lane
Tel : 6292 4889

Prizes – and fame – await the best dressed!


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