Tips for producing your Hollywood blockbuster!

As we are approaching your night out on the red carpet, you are probably cracking your heads to make your allocated video clip a box-office hit.

Here’s a tip that can make a great difference to your voice-over.

It has to do with your movie ‘soundtrack’. You see, once the clip is muted, the video can sound quite ‘bare’ because it has only voices, and no music or sound effects.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Not everyone in the clip has to be involved in the dialogue. Try getting someone to make appropriate sound effects at appropriate points in your clip.

2. Raid your children’s (or hosts’ children!) toy cupboard for some squeaky toys, or other toys that can lend some sound effects to your voice-over.

3. Use music at appropriate points to bring your voice-over to life!

These tips are just for starters. Get together with your cell and put your heads together for more ideas!

If all else fails, remember you can reach the directors of NOT Calefare at notcalefare [at]

Here’s to your Hollywood blockbuster!


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