Are you the F1?

We don’t mean Alonso, Massa or Hamilton, or anything to do with the glitzy car race around town. (By the way, did you catch those stunning shots of the Singapore skyline, City Hall and Fullerton Hotel?? WOW… way to go, Singapore!!)

By F1, we mean the Funniest One.

If you viewed the Jackie Chan video clip, then you surely know what we are talking about.

Think you can do better? Think you can take an iconic movie clip, and add a voiceover dialogue that will make folks fall off their chair and roll on the floor?

Then you are up for the F1 Challenge!

Gather your pals, register your team (let us know you are interested by emailing us at and get your fan club (your carecell lah!) all signed up and ready to cheer for you at the event!

Hurry… Registration begins this weekend!


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